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About Us

About Major Paperwork, LLC

Established in 2004, Major Paperwork, LLC has staff available 5 days a week to assist you. We also schedule weekend hours upon request. Our staff is educated and experienced in solving your most complicated problems. We are fully engaged and connected, we view ourselves as partners with our customers, employees and our community. What makes us competitive is our low prices, mobility services and online connections. Major Paperwork, LLC stands for its name and care for the people we serve. Our goal is to expand growth, annual profitability and maintain our sensibility.
Private Investigation Agency

Our private investigation agency is somewhat different from others. We have partnered with a leading US based digital forensic lab that has developed a portable device (Digital Forensic Gateway) that will scan for, identify, and remove spyware from cell phones. We have the ability to come to you and your clients with this mobile device specifically designed to perform full data extractions and comprehensive spyware scans on cell phones. The scans take only minutes, the phone never leaves your possession, and no one else views any of the contents on the phone. Please find attached a separate document that explains in more detail spyware scanning and what makes our service so unique.

We also do surveillance, observing a place, person, group, or ongoing activity of an individual or a group of people.

No, we don’t wear glasses are long trench coats, but when it comes to investigating legal cases, we are discreet and professional when searching for information regarding the case. We are in business to find, compile, organize, and deliver the truth in timely manner.

When you have a daunting question in your mind, give us a call and we will provide you with the truth, to give you a peace of mind.

Asset Discovery and Recovery

Here at Major Paperwork, LLC when searching for debtor’s financial records, we build a solid foundation. Just like building a house. You can’t start with the roof, you need to lay the foundation first. We need certain identifiers, which are pieces of information that establish the identity of the debtor.

With certain identifiers we can analyze the debtor’s situation and determine if they can afford to pay the creditors. In most cases the debtor can afford to pay the judgment but refuses to for whatever their reason may be..

This is when we at Major Paperwork, LLC step-up our game plan and use other legal tactic and resources to collect money from the debtor to satisfy your judgment.

If you have a judgment or know someone that do, hire our judgment recovery team to collect your judgment for you!

If you need a Private Investigator