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What is meant by cell phone forensics?
With Cellular Forensics, we extract, preserve and analyze the data from a mobile device. This is a specialized technique that requires advanced tools and equipment, an experienced staff and meticulous preservation that makes it admissible in court of law.
How much do you charge for surveillance Investigation?
It depends on the location, profession and complexity of the job.
What kinds of data can you extract through cell phone forensics?
Criminal and civil cases, business investigations, corporate security and/or theft, family law including divorce and child custody and much more. Our team can help consult if you have any questions about your current situation or case.
Can experts testify for me in court?
Absolutely. We are fully prepared, have experience testifying and will be happy to do so.
Do you guarantee to collect my judgment?
No, but we promise to try hard and to use every resource available.
How can I get my legal document to you to serve?
You can upload documents on our serve management portal or you can email documents to us at
Can you help me gain access to an encrypted file?
es, CONTACT US immediately to assist in this matter.
Can I recover deleted emails?
Yes, even if a user has deleted an email our forensic professionals can recover it.
How can digital forensics help with my case?
Digital forensics can create a digital history to retrace its owners, every case is different and we would be happy to discuss in depth, just how powerful and game changing this data can be for your current case/situation.
What type of digital devices can potentially hold data?
Most any device can hold data, even if that data has been deleted. These devices include, but are not limited to cell phones,tablets (i.e. Ipad, Surface, Etc.) flash drives, cameras, gaming systems, routers, vehicle black boxes, GPS’s, almost any digital device can contain data critical to your case. If you have further questions or need a more comprehensive list, do not hesitate to contact us.